Twitter Treads: on Dishonest Discussions


Language is important. It frequently shows our biases.

One person’s “discrediting” is another’s “peer reviewing”. Which is it? Well, that depends on the quality of the review and whether it’s aim is honest or malicious.

The same goes for “those who are tremendously succesful in business start to understand.”

That sentence just doesn’t compute, as it’s very possible to be succesful in one thing while failing to understand others, as seen here:

I love the whole IOTA saga, as it can be used as a primer on how discussions are very easily manipulated if you don’t take exceptionally great care.

The key is to look for deflections (on both sides).

Is your question being answered or not?
Is your comment being addressed?
One easy way to do this is to plot a discussion visually.

Draw it as a path from A to B, A being the question and B being the answer.

Then add other points as new comments or topics are being introduced.
Are you being taken for a sightseeing tour of the City of Bullshit while stopping at the Ferris Wheel of Personal Abuse and the Cave of Eternal Woo-Woo talk?

Then kindly ask your driver to take you to B, which is where you want to go.
If your driver refuses to take you to B, then deal with them as you would a cabbie that refuses to take you to your destination.

Get out while saying you are not being given what was promised: a drive to B.
Along the way, you will find many other drivers offering you a lift.

Often, these will want to take you to their homes, located in the Valley of Irrelevance or the Tower of Fandom.

They might be nice places, but they are not where you wanted to go.
You probably will also be offered rides in dodgy cars on their way to the Den of Infinite Insults or you will be forcibly picked up by the Driver that calls you a Psychopath, Sociopath (who will force you to “take your meds”).
I don’t mind IOTA as a project at all (as if it matters what I think).

But the discussion around it is atrocious.
When there are no relevant answers to comments, there is no content, and as such nothing to discuss anymore.

That’s a pity.

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