The cryptocurrency space is rife with vague and confusing definitions: cash, currency, fast, secure etc.
In order to talk about these things, we need to define these terms clearly, either on a per debate basis, or in general terms in context.

If we do not, we will continue to be vulnerable to social attacks by bad actors who want to confuse our discourse with confusing statements, inciting discord instead of honest disagreements.
We can always disagree once we have clear definitions. There is no need at all to be in agreement of aims. However, in order to test our systems, we need to be completely open and clear about what the testing parameters are.

Without that clarity, we are bound to clash without any constructive dialogue.
If a debate is held without definitions, the content is useless. This is why the only thing that is left after such a “debate” is the emotion attached, creating the image that all we are doing is fighting and bickering.

Once terms are clearly defined, the content will be useful as well. Then a debate is worth remembering and we might actually be left with the impression a debate was heated, but worthwhile.

My bet is on debates being less intense, but more useful, however.

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Bas Wisselink

Freelance trainer and speaker at Blockchain Workspace
Bas Wisselink is a freelance writer, public speaker and trainer. He is a founder of Blockchain Workspace. His expertise is in education, training and presentation skills.
Bas Wisselink
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