In order to take control of a narrative, it’s important to invent your own terminology and claim they are more legitimate than the original.

Hence we get “blockchain”, “DLT”, “Permissionless Blockchain” etc.

They are rather simplistic ways to take control.
They are also quite easy to debunk.

“Blockchain” technology only makes sense in a non-hierarchical setting. They add nothing if there is still an admin present.

You also can’t split a blockchain project into a “coin” and a “blockchain”. They are one and cannot be two.
That means “Blockchain is interesting, but coin X” isn’t just makes no sense. You neuter the whole thing, which is probably the aim.

Likewise, Permissionless Blockchains are simply an oxymoron.
DLT’s are real, but it’s so broad a definition as to be useless when referring colloquially to “blockchains”.

The term is a container term which might well be a Pandora’s Box instead of a chest of gold and jewels.

We can count ourselves lucky that most of the narratives spun are so transparent that they can be debunked quite easily.

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Bas Wisselink

Freelance trainer and speaker at Blockchain Workspace
Bas Wisselink is a freelance writer, public speaker and trainer. He is a founder of Blockchain Workspace. His expertise is in education, training and presentation skills.
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