During the more than three years that he has been active in the blockchain industry, Bas has founded or co-founded several companies.


He was one of the co-founders of the Nxt Foundation, which was created to streamline the activities of the fledgling Nxt Community. He recognised that the technology had little chance to interact with businesses without it. During his tenure, he led a succesful € 80,000 fundraiser in two weeks to bootstrap the organisation and helped it get a physical location. He also helped create the initial structure of the Foundation.


Bas is now Managing Director of Jelurida B.V., a privately held company that he also was a co-founder of. Jelurida B.V. is the commerial company of the Core Developers of the Nxt and Ardor Blockchain platforms. Jelurida B.V. holds the copyrights to the software and distributes it under the Open Source GPL v2 License. Jelurida B.V. also sells commercial licenses to its software and is available for consulting.

Blockchain Workspace

Lastly, Bas also started a joint venture with Henk van Cann, called Blockchain Workspace. Blockchain Workspace fills a gap in the industry, namely knowledge. Blockchain Workspace provides in depth training programs to professionals to ensure that decisions can be made from a position of know-how. Blockchain Workspace also trains trainers and creates Proofs-of-Concept.