VIDEO: Why I think Permissioned Blockchains are boring


I made this talk for the Amsterdam BlockchainTalks meetup.
Later on in the evening there was going to be a panel between proponents of Permissioned (IBM Hyperledger) and Permissionless Blockchains and I thought the audience might benefit from some thoughts on the subject beforehand.
I hope they found it helpful, as I also hope you do.


VIDEO: Blockchain Statements – Tweakers Meetup 2018.


I made this presentation for the Tweakers meetup in 2018. is one of the largest and most influential tech sites of the Netherlands.
I was very honored to be asked to provide some insight to this audience. Instead of giving them a bland “this is blockchain” talk, I opted for a different format, presenting statements meant to elicit thought and response.

VIDEO: The History of Bitcoin


I made this presentation for the Amsterdam BlockchainTalks meetup in order to share the long history of Bitcoin with the audience. Most people were (and are) under the impression that Bitcoin just dropped out of nowhere in 2008. I wanted to set the record straight and show the larger development that it fitted in. In the process, I learned a lot of new things, which is why you now find the...

VIDEO: Blockchain Forks Explained


I made this presentation just after Bitcoin Cash split from Bitcoin. I felt there was a lot of confusion (mainly due to nomenclature) about what forks were in the context of cryptocurrencies.
I decided to make a presentation about the various forms of forks so at least the people in the audience would have a framework to think about them.

VIDEO: Cryptocurrencies @ SMS050 during the 2017 Hype: Tools for discernment


I made this presentation for SM050, a long-running and popular meetup in Groningen in the Netherlands. At the time, the hype around “blockchains” and cryptocurrencies was nearly at its top and I felt the need to present a more balanced overview, giving the audience some tools to look at what was offered at that time, especially ICOs. That is a common theme running through all my...

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