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These posts are transcriptions of Twitter threads I created, available for reading here.

The Wisdom of Crowds: not as easy as you think


I’ve been speaking against the idea of “Wisdom of the Crowd” in many tweets, but it might be good to explain why this is. As usual, it starts with bad definitions of a good concept. For starters, the concept is not “Wisdom of THE Crowd”, but the book title by James Surowiecki is “The Wisdom of Crowds“. That is a big distinction, as the former implies that...

Twitter Threads: on Open Source


“Open Source” means nothing if there is no one that audits your code. It tends to become a smokescreen that signals “Nothing wrong here! Open Source, you know!” It’s like saying a huge warehouse full of clocks is “safe” because everyone can check them all. If there’s one in the centre with a bomb attached, there is no way to find it until it’s...

Twitter Threads: on Voting and Blockchain


The “voting” issue on the blockchain is a, like almost any discussion in this industry, a mess. Lack of definition, lack of historical perspective and an almost wilful lack of knowledge of the theory and ideas behind voting in the first place. I am not an expert at all, but to at least make a distinction between voting as a means to elect public representatives (ie. being able to vote...

Twitter Threads: Private and Public Blockchains


I feel this short thread is missing the point somewhat, and also engaging in some slight of hand with definitions. Public and private ledgers are a useful access model distinction that's not going anywhere. What should disappear is the association of [public = decentralized = proletariat = good] and [private = centralized = big business = bad]. — Amber ☘️ (@AmberBaldet) June 4, 2018 The...

Twitter Treads: on Dishonest Discussions


Language is important. It frequently shows our biases. One person’s “discrediting” is another’s “peer reviewing”. Which is it? Well, that depends on the quality of the review and whether it’s aim is honest or malicious. The same goes for “those who are tremendously succesful in business start to understand.” That sentence just doesn’t...

Twitter Threads: on Project “Partnerships”


I don’t care is company X is involved with a well-known company. I’ve talked to plenty of such companies that have really no clue what they are getting involved in. As such, they are not a good benchmark to use to qualify a project as “good”. Anything can and will be used as a metric to declare a project “good”, especially as long as there is a distinct lack of...

Twitter Threads: Do Your Own Research


There’s a very simple way to combat most FUD: Do Your Own Research. However, this comes with doing complete research, not cherry-picking the facts that just support your perspective or preferred view of reality. FUD is often based on presenting a very specific portion of facts in a way that distorts the complete picture, hoping (as often is the case) that 1) people are just too lazy to do...

Twitter Threads: Definitions


The cryptocurrency space is rife with vague and confusing definitions: cash, currency, fast, secure etc. In order to talk about these things, we need to define these terms clearly, either on a per debate basis, or in general terms in context. If we do not, we will continue to be vulnerable to social attacks by bad actors who want to confuse our discourse with confusing statements, inciting...

Twitter Thread: Terminology


In order to take control of a narrative, it’s important to invent your own terminology and claim they are more legitimate than the original. Hence we get “blockchain”, “DLT”, “Permissionless Blockchain” etc. They are rather simplistic ways to take control. They are also quite easy to debunk. “Blockchain” technology only makes sense in a non...

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