No more “Blockchain-experts”!


A little personal history

Four years ago, during the Christmas holidays of 2014, I discovered cryptocurrencies and so Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
Bitcoin had just rising to an All Time High of 1000+ dollars and of course that made it visible.
My first decision during that holiday was not to invest in Bitcoin. I didn’t find my wages adequate to merit an investment.
The rest of these holidays were spent looking at project and tinkering. Those were the days of mining new and exciting altcoins with names like Worldcoin, Netcoin and of course the joke Dogecoin.

This quickly got boring. I was looking for a project that added value for me. Something that wanted to add to the world. That was how I got started with the new project called NXT.
If I now look back at my first posts on this project, was that everyone was busy testing. Everything was new, it was fun and we were aiming to improve things.
And because I have never been able to sit idle, I went looking for a way to involve myself that didn’t require technical skills and how to contribute in my own unique way.
I saw the project lacked an overview of what was going on and decided that would be my contribution.
This resulted in a simple blog that ran for three months. I helped set up a forum afterwards, so we could have our dedicated space to build more. We were one of the first projects to do so.

Fun and fulfilling

The thing that gave me particular enjoyment over the last four years is to build together with others. We were busy setting things up, and of course also paid attention to the value of our NXT. But above all we learned, philosophised, gave presentations, thought about how our project differed from othes etc. We debated other projects, we thought about what we wanted to do and also what we definitely didn’t want to do. We argued, we did researched. It was tiring, it energised. For me, it was a three year long party.

That party has not ended, mind. There are still a lot of people working on projects. But the milk has started to sour significantly starting in 2016. Because when you get money, you get leeches. And the leeches aren’t interested in projects. They just want money.

Get rid of so-called “blockchain experts”!

Let me be clear I have nothing against making money, far from it. But what sickens me is the wave of uninformed men and women who try to flog “blockchain” without any knowlede. The speakers who dare to tout “small corrections of 20%” to small investors that have just seen their invested capital turn into nothing. People who advise to buy in more now, without bothering to explain that this is risky, and that investing time in a project and earning that way is more constructive and fun and give just as much ROI, if not more.

Besides that I reserve a special place of loathing for projects that narrow everything to ROI on tokens, without taking any responsibility for the people who finance their ICOs. I sincerely hope a lot of these find their way to court and will be housed at state expense. Not because I like the state so much, but because raking in money without planning to ever give anything aback is just despicable.

I am explicitly not only referring to things like Bitconnect. I am referring to any “expert” that jumps on the blockchain train to earn a quick buck without adding anything of value. Who try to convince people that they need books, podcasts and Telegram channels to learn. Who purport to know more without having delivered anything of value and who do not have a broader vision than “let’s make some easy money”.

No expert.

I speak in public quite often. This used to be fun. You could mingle with other speakers who had a vision. That time seems to be over for the time being. The last conferences I have been at made me feel like an alien. The lounge is filled with slick guys and girls who a year ago never heard of Bitcoin or blockchain and talk about ROI and ways of making money and who are mostly discussing how to scale their doomed start-ups. Of course using other people’s money. I don’t belong there and am happy for it. Moral high horse? Yes, siree and glad of it!

Am I done with the blockchain world? Hell no! I am done with people who pretend to know something and worse, pretend to care. With the people who have sunk so low they pretend to have ideals in order to get money off people. Who are morally bankrupt and hide this by bankrupting others.

You are more than welcome!

For the newly arrived to this space: come to the fora, join the slack groups of projects. You won’t learn via the papers or television. Do your own research and don’t buy into the story that you need experts to tell you how all of this works. Build a real network, make friends and enjoy!

If there is one kind of middle man we need to eliminate at this point, it is the “blockchain-expert”. Be your own expert. Take everything you read and hear with a grain of salt. Test, ask questions and think. Arrive at your own conclusions based on research. And take care that your investment, if you decide to make on, is never so large that it stands in the way of fun and enjoyment!

I hope to meet and speak to many of you in the years to come, and to learn from you.

I am not an expert. I am a guy who wants to share what he’s heard along the way and what he thinks is valuable. Feel free to disagree if you have a valid reason for doing so.

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