About me


My name is Bas Wisselink, and I am a writer and speaker about blockchain technology.

I started out in the creative arts and started out as a director and writer in theatre. I have also acted and been a theatre lighting technician. I have taught at university level about lighting and on creating events.

In the mid-2000s and after working nearly 17 years in theatre, I decided I needed a change, and I joined a Tibetan Buddhist community in Amsterdam, where my job was to head the in-house company that produced and sold meditation supplies. When the business merged with its sister business in Germany, I became part of their sales team. That role did not fit me, and eventually, I left the community, while keeping the job.

In 2013, during the large Bitcoin rally of the end of that year, I discovered Bitcoin and the wider crypto community. The vibrancy and goal-driven energy of these groups were very familiar from the best groups I worked with in theatre and I dove in headlong. I became community manager of the Nxt community from the start and worked in the group for three years. This meant working two full-time jobs, and I enjoyed every minute.

Over time, and the more I read, I got an urge to try and see if I could knit together my previous work in theatre (and more broadly, on creative processes) and what I was seeing in the blockchain sector. This is, I feel, a largely untapped field and one I am suited to. To deepen my studies, I am also pursuing a bachelor degree in philosophy with an emphasis on ethics and social and political philosophy.

What you read and see on this site is an artifact of my thinking. I hope it will be of value to you and to the sector. Feel free to send me feedback. It is appreciated.

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